Talent Consulting is Opportunity Optimization

Not everyone can become professionals. This is to understand and change is the most important priority. Our ambition is to work with the most talented young players. We promise nothing and do everything we can to give you the best possible chance of becoming a pro. We expect ours from our players.




Parents are probably the most important people when it comes to the career success of a talented player. Her advice and experience is indispensable. Their tireless efforts have made the career of a youth player in most cases possible in the first place. That's why OLYMPSTAR is above all a parent's consultant.


Your capital is your body

Our mission is to make you the best possible version of yourself. The way there: hard and exhausting work for both the player and OLYMPSTAR. Every aspect of life, from nutrition through school to structural weaknesses in the body that pose a particular risk of injury, OLYMPSTAR will analyze with you and then optimize together.


Mental strength is your motivation

Professional players are as different in personality as all the other people as well. However, there are certain qualities that connect players who become professionals and distinguish them from those who can not. Or always go to its limit. The secret is in the right mix and at the right time. When is it important to be fully focused and to the limit of pain or beyond? When is it right to recover and rest your body and mind? When does it help to be patient and when to be impatient?