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New energy in NK Brežice 1919 as a challenge to football passion

"1919 reasons for joining us" is the slogan of the newly established football club in Brežice with new leadership and a fresh approach that aims to enable the conditions for popularizing football in the municipality of Brežice and raising it to a higher level.

Brežice has a long and rich history of football development, which we want to continue in the new club in the first years of operation, primarily on the basis of the development of children's and youth football. We invite all children and adolescents to join us and relive this energy, which brings new leadership and trainers to the development of NK Brežica in 1919. All football enthusiasts are invited to support the development of football in our municipality with windsurfing.

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League of Slovenia

Poisition Club Points
1 Bravo 20
2 Nafta 18
3 Radomilje 17
4 Tabor Sežana 17
5 NŠ Drava 16
6 Dob 15
7 Krka 13
8 Rogaška 13
9 Ankaran Hrvatini 13
10 Fužinar 12
11 Beltinci 11
12 Dekani 9
13 Bilje 7
14 Ilirija 7
15 Brežice 6
16 Brda Dobrova 3

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